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1964 Oldmobile 442 – For Sale

1964 Oldsmobile 442 red two door coupe

FOR SALE: 1964 Oldsmobile 442 Two-Door Coupe.

Original colors with one repaint.  Low mileage. Full matching numbers car.  Offered for sale by current owner who will entertain offers over $29,000.  Available immediately!

Oktoberfest 2020

cars and people at EMC's Oktoberfest cruise in
The Hagerty Insurance fall gathering was a Great Event!

Fantastic Weather!  Fantastic Cars!  Fantastic People!

The year 2020 has certainly been challenging for those of us who enjoy cars, trucks, motorcycles, and just about anything mechanical. It is in our blood! For us, there is nothing better on a nice sunny day than washing, waxing, driving, or attending a car type event!
Many if not most of these events have been canceled in 2020. So when an event did occur – it is Special! Thank you Jim and Kelly of Hagerty Insurance for one such event!  Thank you Jamie from Catering by Jamie for great food and drink!  Thank you Elite Paint for your support! and finally Thank you to all  who participated to make this an enjoyable event!

What is this Sh*t?

Dirty carburetor from ethanol gasoline use

Dirty carburetor from ethanol gasoline use

Does your car sit idle for months? Do you use Ethanol Gasoline? This shit is what happens inside your fuel system as the ethanol gas evaporates. When we opened up this carb last week, the dry sand like debris was actually twice the size and looked like a brown jelly substance. No wonder this car wouldn’t start or run!
How do you prevent ethanol gas damage in your fuel system? Simple! Buy ethanol free gasoline, now available in certain counties in Maryland. Or use a good Enzyme Fuel Treatment. Enzyme treatments are available at most auto supply and marine stores. CPR uses Startron Enzyme treatment exclusive.

1973 Chevy C10

Jason with 1973 Black Chevy C10

Installation of a BluePrint Crate Engine and a Jasper Auto Transmission is almost complete.
This project began as a well patina-ed Arizona pickup, sporting a RideTech lowered coil over suspension with 20 inch American Racing Wheels.
The C10 arrived at Easton Muscle and Custom with a 350 engine running on 6 ½ cylinders. The owner opted for a crate engine built by BluePrint Engines featuring a Holley carb sporting 373 HP & 407 ft lbs of torque, and a fresh redone Jasper tranny, flex plate and torque converter. A/C system upgrade with a late model 134 compressor and condenser retaining the original Chevrolet evaporator, dryer and interior fan and outlets.
Jason Gallo, Easton Muscle and Custom’s lead Craftsman on this project,  began the engine install by painting the rusted engine compartment and front suspension components a semi gloss black. He then installed custom front wheel wells to cover the dropped suspension. Both additions set up a nice, clean backdrop for the new engine.

Update 06/11/2020: The 1973 C10 has been finished and delivered!

1973 Black Chevy C10 Pickup 1973 Black Chevy C10 Pickup

Finishing a Cool Ride

A 1970 GTX being restored

Completed June 2020

If you are a “CAR” person, you will no doubt  have some automotive fantasizes that are still not a reality. Part of your fantasizes might included: a One-of-a-Kind, a Restoration, or an Update to an Existing Project. Regardless of your dream,  Easton Muscle & Custom (EMC) can help with Your Vision.  More importantly,  EMC has the talented Craftsman and Shop Capability to FINISH Your Ride!

One such ride has arrived at EMC as shown in the photos.

A 1970 Plymouth GTX -Metallic Blue with Black interior, 440 cu in automatic.

Metallic Blue 1970 Plymouth GTX Metallic Blue 1970 Plymouth GTX

Progress Update January 2020

After some extensive assembly of parts in the engine compartment,  the engine was oil primed, valves adjusted, ignition timing checked, a little gas and Wallah! Engine fired right up! Once warmed up, timing and carb idle was set. Looks like EMC will make the deadline to have this monster on the road by Spring 2020!

1970 Plymouth GTX engine

GTX – January Update

1970 Plymouth GTX engine

***Closing in on Completion – April 2020 update***

Closing in on completion, all that is left is rear glass installation, air cleaner, ashtray and minor trim. Plus, the owner has chosen to replace all gauges. Then, Easton Muscle and Custom will return a completed GTX to the owner!