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Exterior Sheet Metal Patch Panel Installation Guide

patch panel repair on a vehicle

Exterior Sheet Metal Patch Panel Installation Guide
by Troy Smith
Body Mechanic/Fabricator

In this article I will be explaining how to install a patch panel on the outside sheet metal of a restoration project vehicle. The purpose of this article is to explain how to professionally finish a patch style repair with limited to no access to the back side of the repair area and how to proceed once the patch has been made. This is the difference between a quality repair, and a repair that will fail in the future.

Disclaimer: Before we begin, all standard safety precautions should be followed when working in a shop environment. Common sense rules the day! Read More→

Floor Pans

Floor Pans
by Ryan Kenton

When restoring classic cars, the topic usually begins with the floor pans. You’ve probably viewed pictures and/or commentary in an automotive publication a million times. For sale ads that say “solid floors” or “floors are good”. These descriptions are meant to persuade the potential buyer that the project is a good investment. Floors keep the car solid and are integral to its foundation.  Solid floors are essential in the multi stage process of a proper classic car restoration.
There are numerous examples of supposedly completed repairs, that do not help the overall condition, and can actually degrade the structural integrity. The following pictures provide an example of a project car with questionable metal fabrication that was allegedly finished with “solid floors”,  and why we chose to redo the work. Read More→