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What's Happenening This Week...

There's never a dull moment at Easton Muscle and Custom!

  • Jason is replacing several exterior panels on the VW Beetle
  • Rob and Josh did a Weber Carb replacement and are doing a final tune and detail on the green 1966 912. Looks and runs great! Finished and returning to owner.
  • Bill is stitching the interior on the 1982 911 "Blue's Custom"
  • James finished disassembling the red 1967 911 and the blue 1959 356.  Ready for dipping and Ecoat.
  • Aaron is wet sanding and polishing the yellow 356 cab
  • Troy has the 1966 912 electric conversion candidate on the Frame table
  • Bruce is working on getting the 1941 Willy's running after suffering from Ethanol Gas contamination.
Dylan Smith

Just a quick note:

14-Year-old Dylan Smith, nephew of CPR fabricator Troy Smith, is suffering from Functional Neurologic Disorder (FND).  He has been battling Pediatric Long-Term Covid for over two years. Follow him at to learn more about Dylan and his treatment and how you can help.